The Black Folder - Deer River Folio is the original, sole manufacturer and distributer of The Black Folder. It has been often copied, but never duplicated. The Black Folder was originally designed for the Los Angeles Master Choral. The design allows singers to hold their music up better, follow their directors better and give better performances. Handcrafted of leatherette with a pressboard lining.

The Black Folder offers numerous advantages over other folios. All seams and edges are leatherette finished. Along with expanding pockets and reinforced brass corners, The Black Folder comes loaded with extras. The aluminum hinge, mounted with brass rivets for durability, is installed with 10 elastic cords for holding music in place for stability. A crossap is installed across the bottom of the folder to keep loose music from slipping out. The crossap is available in the fastened type or the detachable button strap. The detachable button strap allows the director to open The Black Folder totally. The handap across the back of the spine allows the singer to hold the folder in a comfortable position without sliding. The Black Folder also comes with a pencil loop.

The dimensions of The Black Folder are: 10 1/16" x 12 1/2".
Item: #30TBF

Black Folder With Fastened Crossap

Item: #30BFB
Black Folder With Detachable Crossap
Available Options
3-Ring Binder Adapter
Additional Elastic Strings
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Numbering, instrumentation, individual names, and crosses
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The Black Folder Provides a hand strap for a more comfortable hold.

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