If I call a distributor from the "Where To Buy" list and they don't have what I am looking for, what should I do?

Please call Deer River Folio so we can give you more information on where to find the item you are looking for.


Can I add accessories or remove accessories from certain items?

Yes, there can be modifications made to existing items. So please call Deer River Folio for information on available options and let us know how we can best service your needs.


What are my shipping options?

Deer River Folio will ship orders via UPS Ground. If an alternative shipping method is required, please give us a call for other options.


I need my order by a specific date. Is it possible for you to fulfil my order in time?

Please call to find out if it is possible for a rush request to be made on a specific order.


Can I drop ship my order?

Yes, Deer River Folio can drop-ship any orders.


If I don't have an account with Deer River Folio, can I still place an order?

Yes, you can still place an order using a Visa or MasterCard.
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Grand Concert Band Folios Available in 5 colors with accessories.
Grand Concert Choral Folios Available in 5 colors with accessories.
The Black Folder Provides a hand strap for a more comfortable hold.

Leatherette Folios Available in two sizes and 3 colors with accessories.

Economy Folios Available in 3 sizes with expanding or standard pockets.
Marching Band Folios Available in 3, 4, and 5 pocket styles.
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